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Now you can download free file eraser with SoftAmbulance quality and support!
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3 February 2015

SoftAmbulance Free Eraser 1.34 review

SoftAmbulance Free Eraser, the reliable software for complete and irrevocable erasing of files.
The name you can trust on for complete and irrevocable erasing of files from your system. This amazing tool provides simple methods to completely erase unwanted files that not only occupy your precious hard disk space but also tend to diminish the efficiency of your system. The exclusive software includes features such as: the ability to securely erases any file on your hard drive or removable media, any file erased with this application are beyond recovery, this application cannot be used for deleting folders or deleting file names from the file system, removes all your sensitive and vital data making it 100% irrecoverable, and many more features that prove to be beneficial at the user end.
SoftAmbulance Free Eraser, the ideal solution for your business or personal needs, this tool works with minimum system requirements.

Publisher's description

We greet you on this site and proudly represent you our new product: SoftAmbulance Free Eraser.
Now you can download and use it for free. SoftAmbulance Free Eraser is provided with same quality and support as other our products!
SoftAmbulance Free Eraser is a program for completely and irrevocably file erase. I'm sure you know about various undelete or unerase software. Not this time! SoftAmbulance Free Eraser removes all the sensitive data 100% incurable by any of them. Please make sure you do not need these files before you erase them.
SoftAmbulance Free Eraser erases files, but not directories. After using SoftAmbulance Free Eraser any uneraser available on the market (even SoftAmbulance Undelete!) will recover only filenames. No other data will be recovered!
We advice to use it before selling your computer, before your dear comes home, before you evil chief check your work disk or thief steals your family_budget.xml or any other sensitive data!
Say no to spying and erase anything that could compromise you, your family or your business.
Oh, yeah! One more thing: do not give it to kids, especially to small and curious, yes, just like yours! This is simply dangerous.

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